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Thinking about the development of pet food in China

Thinking about the development of pet food in China

The market share of pet food in economically developed areas such as North America and Western Europe will gradually decrease, while the market in Asia (especially China) and Latin America will grow rapidly. The development of China's economy and the growth of pet population have brought great business opportunities for pet food, but the trend of pet food development in China is our thinking.

It is characterized by 15%-40% dry matter, which is heated and usually packaged in cans or in pockets sterilized by microwave sterilization machinery. This kind of food is mainly cooked and processed according to a certain proportion of meat and cereals. It usually contains 75% water. It has complete nutrients. It meets the nutritional standards of pets and can be eaten at will. If this kind of food is not eaten in time, the stability, quality and palatability of the products will be reduced. Therefore, this kind of food needs strict sterilization and sealed packaging. Pet food can be divided into imported pet food and domestic pet food according to the manufacturer.

At present, foreign pet food imports are mainly products of French Royal, noble, Hill, American Guanneng, Emus, etc. Domestic products are mainly Baolu brand dog food, Weijia brand cat food, Cordol, Happy and Hobby brand pet food. The water content of pet food can be divided into three categories: dry pet food, wet pet food and semi-dry pet food.

Semi-dry pet food is made of 50% slaughterhouse waste as the basic raw material, with dry seasoning and appropriate pH value. In order to ensure the hygienic quality of the product, the waste and slaughterhouse by-products must be fully heat treated and used. This kind of food belongs to a completely balanced food and has a good organizational structure. And palatability, and under ordinary conditions, it has its own stability to facilitate food consumption and preservation.

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