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Use and maintenance of pellet feed machine

Use and maintenance of pellet feed machine

Pellet fish feeding machine is also called pellet feed machine. Its function is to add sugar and bait water to the processed semi-finished feed and process it into pellet feed according to the feeding characteristics and habits of poultry. The commonly used feed pellet machines include soft pellet feeder, hard pellet feeder, extruded pellet feeder and microwave sterilization machinery. Among them, hard pellet feed machine is also divided into ring mold pressing machine and pressing machine.

Structural characteristics of pellet feed machineSoft pellet feeder has simple structure, low cost, high temperature of finished product, and can be stored after drying. It has a wide range of adaptability to raw materials. It is mainly used for processing soft-plastic compound feed with 20%-30% water content.

Hard pellet feed machine processing feed has low moisture content, easy to preserve, but does not float. It is mainly used for pressing raw materials with low moisture content (less than 13%). The hard pellet feed processed is suitable for feeding green carp, grass carp and carp. It is a kind of feed pellet machine which is widely used at present.

The annular die and rolling of the ring die granulator have the same linear speed at the contact point without friction between the moulds. All the pressures are used to suppress the particles. They rotate vertically in production. The distribution of raw materials is easy and the pressure distribution is uniform. Compared with flat-die granulator, it has simple structure, less power consumption and high output, and is suitable for pressing fibrous (roughage) raw materials. The main parts of the flat die granulator are a flat steel die and a group of free-rotating roller sets with grooves. The raw material falls from top to bottom into the clearance of the roller, and is pressed into the die hole by the rotating roller. It is extruded into a long cylindrical shape under the hole and cut off by the cutter. The production rate is 800-1200 kg/h.

Expanded pellet feed machine is also known as floating pellet feed machine. The feed can float on the water surface for 6 to 12 hours without loosening. It is easy for fish to eat. It can improve nutrient composition and digestibility, especially adapts to the physiological characteristics of short intestinal tract and weak digestibility of fish. The expanding pellet feeder is mainly composed of spiral feeder, humidity adjusting mixer, expanding pelletizing chamber, pelletizer and power transmission.

The multifunctional granulator mainly uses mechanical crushing, extrusion and friction to generate heat, which makes starch gelatinized. The water contained in the feed can make the granule plasticity, and the operation of gelatinization, drying and cutting can be completed at one time. When using pellet machine to make feedstuff, raw materials should be selected strictly and scientific feed formula should be designed.

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