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Study on Appearance Differentiation and Serialization Design of Waffle Cake Machine


The cooking machine is one of the small household appliances in the western kitchen. It is very common in the homes of Europeans and Americans. Mechanical waffle machine

The development and design of household waffle machine is based on the actual needs of consumers.

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The demand for waffle machine varies among different groups in different countries. For this reason, the company has developed a series of household waffle machine products with different appearance according to the market.

Global economic integration has led to the global supply chain system. More and more waffle makers are not satisfied with pure OEM, but turn to ODM and OEM. Through product appearance differentiation and serialization design, these enterprises can bring value-based innovation growth.

Differential design of product appearance refers to the design of product appearance purposefully after market investigation and analysis in the design process, so as to distinguish it from other similar products, thereby improving the competitiveness of the product in similar products.

Serial design of product appearance refers to the unification of form, shape, color, material and other aspects of products based on the unity of enterprises according to market demand, so as to form a unified style of the same brand products.

From a macro point of view, they have a point-line-surface relationship. Differential design and serialization design of product appearance are the external and internal manifestations of product DNA.

From the micro point of view, it is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. The threshold of visual perception is the critical point of product appearance differentiation and serialization.

The main reason for the difference and serialization of the appearance of the household waffle machine is based on the market demand and the interests of the enterprise.

The combination of these two methods can make the products produced by the enterprise more competitive in the market and make the enterprise enter a development road with brand competition as the main factor smoothly. The appearance design of the household waffle machine is based on its prototype.

The basic requirement of the appearance design of household waffle cake maker is to conform to the human-machine operation and safety norms, to be beautiful, to be energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The differentiation and serialization of product appearance are based on this. In the design, product differentiation and serialization design first need to consider the product market positioning, and then through different methods such as shape, material, texture, semantics to achieve product differentiation and serialization design.

Study on Appearance Differentiation and Serialization Design of Waffle Cake Machine
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