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Top 6 Food Industry Product Packaging Things You Need to Know


A high-temperature sterilization plastic can: the material composition is an EV O. The P P is characterized by the interlayer with E V O H as the material. The gas retention is very good, the shelf life is The cans are kept at room temperature for two years and can be used to replace the current metal cans. This material is in the trial production stage in the United States and Japan, and has patents.

Two microwave oven double-use plastic tray: with crystallinity P E as material High temperature resistance for use in microwave ovens and ovens. Disposal of this material in the United States is fast. Now 60% of households use Japan is also developing rapidly.

Three squeezable bottles: The material is P P - E V O. One P P is made by co-extrusion technology. It has good gas-tightness and good extrusion properties. It is used for hot-filled, non-sterilized food packaging such as jams and sauces.

4. K-OAK hot filling system: The material composition is low-density polyethylene paper - one aluminum foil - containing the polymer. It is hot-filled, suitable for high-temperature filling and high-acid food packaging, with a shelf life of more than one year. . V Aseptic packaging: Sterile packaging has been used in food for a period of time, and the development trend is high-volume, low-acid foods and sterile packaging of foods with high consistency. Six high-resistance barrier materials: This is the trend of food packaging materials development Item 4: Non-crystalline Nylon gas barrier is 6 times that of nylon. S o a n Day B It is 10 times of S a r a n film, acrylate vinegar; metallized coating is used for small packages such as snacks and cakes.

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