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Effects of boiling and microwave treatment on nutritional quality and antioxidant capacity of mushrooms


Abstract: The effects of boiling and microwave heating on the nutritional components and antioxidant capacity of fresh mushrooms were studied. The results showed that the contents of total protein, ash, soluble protein, soluble polysaccharide, total phenol and VC were decreased to some extent by boiling and microwave heating machinery , but the contents of fat were not significantly changed. In addition, the composition of amino acids and monosaccharides in the mushroom were significantly changed by heating treatment, and the loss rate of microwave treatment was significantly lower than that of boiling treatment. The effects of water boiling and microwave treatment on reducing power and DPPH scavenging capacity of mushroom heating equipment showed that water boiling and microwave treatment not only reduced the total phenol content of mushroom, but also changed the composition of total phenol. The destructive ability of water boiling treatment on antioxidant capacity of mushroom was significantly higher than that of microwave treatment. The research can provide scientific basis for consumers to cook mushrooms in daily life.

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