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Research and application status of peanut shelling machinery

Research and application status of peanut shelling machinery

Peanut is not only an important cash crop, but also a protein plant with high nutritional value. A large number of peanut shellers are used in food processing and foreign trade export in China. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop peanut pod shelling mechanization.

Understanding the application status and development trends of microwave drying machinery and equipment in China will help peanut shelling in China. The development of shell mechanization plays an important role.

Development of peanut shelling machinery

Peanut sheller is a field operation machine that removes the shell from peanut pod and gets peanut kernel. Because of the physiological characteristics of peanut itself, peanut shelling can not be combined with peanut harvest in the field, but can only be carried out after the moisture content of peanut pods has dropped to a certain extent.

With the continuous development of planting peanuts, peanut shelling by hand have been unable to meet the requirements of efficient production, the implementation of shelling mechanization imminent.

The research and development of peanut sheller in our country has been carried out since 1965, when the original Eight Machine Departments issued the research and development of peanut sheller, dozens of peanut sheller have come out. The peanut sheller with single shelling function is simple in structure and cheap in price. The small household-based peanut sheller is widely used in some areas of our country. The larger peanut sheller with single shelling function can complete shelling, separation, sorting and grading.

A large number of peanut processing enterprises are widely used. There are many kinds of peanut sheller in our country, such as 6BH-60 peanut sheller, 6BH-20B peanut sheller, 6BH-20 peanut sheller, etc. (See attached table for technical parameters). Its operating efficiency is more than 20-60 times higher than that of human.

To achieve a peanut shelling, shelling unit can clutter in addition to skin, sorting except TFHS1500 type peanut Jinzhou qiaopai Group production, is an advanced stage of peanut production machinery. Weimin Brand 6BH-720 peanut sheller is equipped with double-shelling and grading device. It adopts such devices as washboard shelling, wind power primary selection, specific gravity separation and cleaning.

It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible and convenient operation, high removal rate and low power consumption. 6BK-22 peanut sheller is a kind of machine that can complete peanut shelling work by feeding at one time. The peanut kernels can be directly packed and stored in bags after primary selection of wind power, fan vibration, stratified separation, re-cleaning and classification. The 6BH -1800 peanut shelling machinery adopts three roll mix

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