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French fries and its production process

French fries and its production process

Purple sweet potato refers to the sweet potato with sweet potato and potato skin, called purple potato and black potato. In addition to the nutrients of ordinary sweet potato, it also has its own unique nutrition and health care ingredients. Purple sweet potato is rich in various functional ingredients, such as selenium, anthocyanin, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. Among them, anthocyanins are a kind of natural red pigment, which has anti-oxidation, anti-mutation and liver dysfunction. Cardiovascular disease and other effects. Regular consumption of purple potato can significantly enhance the body's immune ability, and has a good preventive effect on the digestive tract, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Purple potato is favored by many consumers], and the market development prospects are very broad. At present, there are many products on the market that use purple potatoes as raw materials. French fries processing machine Processed products, such as French fries, bread, biscuits, etc., of which purple potato fries have been loved by consumers.

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French fries and its production process

The fresh purple potato has higher moisture content, stricter storage conditions, prone to mildew and rot, serious disease loss and short storage time. The process of processing fresh purple potato into purple potato whole powder by a certain process is not only beneficial for long-distance storage and transportation, but also prolongs the supply time of purple potato, and basically maintains the nutrition, flavor and taste of fresh purple potato. At present, the research on purple potato whole powder mainly focuses on the research of anthocyanin research, the processing technology of purple potato whole powder, and the functional food development of purple potato whole powder. It has not been developed to develop fried foods directly with purple potato whole powder [8] Related reports.

The whole-powder processing of French fries not only enriches the processing type of purple potato products, but also preserves the unique flavor, taste and other nutrients of purple potato, and has the advantages of researching the processing characteristics of purple sweet potato powder and deepening the development and utilization of purple potato resources. Important significance and application prospects.

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