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Application of microwave drying technology in drying Lonicera japonica Thunb


The microwave drying equipment was used to study the working principle and experimental device of honeysuckle. The drying method, method, effect, drying power and efficiency of honeysuckle were emphatically studied. While honeysuckle was dried, the color, fragrance and shape of honeysuckle were basically unchanged, and the specification grade and processing efficiency of honeysuckle were improved.

Application of microwave drying technology in drying Lonicera japonica Thunb

Honeysuckle is one of the most important traditional Chinese medicines in China. It has clear cloudy and rainy weather. Because the collected flower buds can not be dried and processed in time, it has the functions of constant heat, detoxification and clearing inflammation. It can treat upper respiratory tract infection, lobar lung often suffer heavy losses, even if the weather is sunny, the inflammation and other diseases produced by this drying method are the same. Health drinks, high-grade edible spices and dried cosmetics flowers are still not ideal in color, fragrance and shape, which seriously restricts the raw materials for the production of dried flower spices. The quality and specifications of honeysuckle should be dried or dried immediately after harvest, which affects the sales price and economic benefits of dried flowers.

Application of microwave drying technology in drying Lonicera japonica Thunb

At present, dry flower processing is mainly based on natural air drying or artificial Kang drying. With artificial drying room, it takes 12 - 20 hours to dry, and natural drying is to pick the buds and lay them in the drying pan, then in different periods of sunshine, drying temperature is different. This drying method not only dries in the sun at present, but also depends entirely on eating in the sky. Especially when it comes to time, the efficiency is low, and the quality of the drying process is not easy to grasp. The quality and quality of dried flowers are difficult to be guaranteed due to natural conditions and human influence, which seriously restricts the development of production and processing of honeysuckle. In order to solve this problem, ordinary infrared or pure air drying and vacuum drying experiments have been done, but they can not meet the requirements of honeysuckle drying. Therefore, the drying method, process, effect, drying efficiency and power of fresh honeysuckle were studied by using honeysuckle drying machine, which provided basis for optimizing the special drying equipment of honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle is a honeysuckle plant, usually used for drying its buds. Fresh honeysuckle has a high moisture content, about 80%, and its tissue is tender. In the drying process, it can not be turned over by hand or other things, otherwise it can easily turn black and stop drying when it is not dry, otherwise it will heat and deteriorate. Dried flowers can be consumed by brewing tea, which requires the original flavor, original color and color after drying. The color, shape, taste and nutrient composition of dried honeysuckle are basically the same as fresh honeysuckle after boiling, which requires that it be dried after ripening, and the drying process should be strictly controlled. The safe moisture content of dried honeysuckle is 10%~15%.

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