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Panko breadcrumbs machine in people's life


With the acceleration of people's pace of life, bread becomes more and more important in breakfast. Bread and milk become one of the most popular breakfast combinations. However, unprocessed sliced bread is not good in taste or color.

This article is based onPanko breadcrumbs machineToaster design, built-in state control circuit, data loading circuit, timing circuit, display decoding circuit four modules. It can control the toaster's heating, stopping and other states and update the display data in real time.

The toaster sets the baking time and puts in the sliced bread.Microwave heating machineryThe machine starts timing automatically. When the specified time is reached, the toaster stops baking and pops out the bread. There is no need to worry about the situation that the bread is burnt due to unattended.

The toaster system consists of four circuit modules.

It includes a state control circuit which controls the toaster's working state transition and sends out a control signal; Control timing, test data, timing and completion of information loading data loading circuit; Timing circuit which counts by clock and sends out baking signal; Display decoding circuit showing various working conditions

The toaster's workflow is as follows: first, reset and reset the system; When the SET_T signal is set, the baking time is read into DATA [15... 0], and the system reset and displays the setting time.

Press START and the system will enter the baking state. COOK signal will turn to high level and the counter will START operation to display the baking time. At the end of baking, the system returns to the initial state, and the digital tube displays the baking information.

When the system is in the state of reset and zero clearing, press the TEST button of display tube TEST to TEST whether the display tube works normally.

Normal work, the function of a full state control module to display tube is according to the input signal and the current state, complete state transitions, and output control signal, four output LD_DONE, LD_CLK, LD_TEST, COOK indicate baking end state information, input time, test data and display the state of the driving information, baking and controls the timer toaster work flow meter data, analysis of state transition condition and the output signal.

When the RESET signal is effective, the system RESET and RESET; Input and output correspond to four states, namely, baking time setting, display decoding test, signal display and subtraction count timing, and corresponding conversion.

LOAD and COOK in the timing module (counter) are both effective at high level; The end of baking is indicated by DONE, and the remaining time, test status and baking status information are displayed by MIN and SEC.

Panko breadcrumbs machine in people's life
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