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Pet snacks have a promising future


Cooked pig bones can be given to dogs in moderation as a snack, but there is also a risk of swallowing them and causing blockages in the digestive tract. Therefore, blind experience is not only unable to scientifically guarantee the health of pets, but also may lead to malnutrition, diseases of varying degrees, and even death of pets.

Dog snack/chewing machineThe customization came into being.

After the development of pet consumer goods in China for more than 10 years, pet owners in large and medium-sized cities in China are becoming more and more aware of the consumption of pet products. Among them, the largest consumption is dog food and cat food, while the second largest consumption is pet snacks.

In Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities, pet snacks have become the main consumer categories of pets.

Scientific proportion,Microwave heating machineryOne of the three words "pet snack" was added smoothly into the selected paper, which not only provides the most basic life guarantee, growth and development and health nutrients for pets, but also has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestibility, scientific formula, quality standard, convenient feeding and use, etc.

However, different pet preferences may be completely different. Personalized customization based on pet types is the trend of the future. Take pet cake as an example, pet cake is one of the most unique pet snacks.

There is a pet cake shop with a pet cake making history of more than three years in China. Besides having a good grasp of palatability, the pet cake made by the pet cake shop is also designed for different pets in six aspects of nutrition content, such as cake moisture, protein, crude fat, coarse ash, crude fiber and nitrogen free extract.

At the same time, in order to promote the scientific and worry free pet keeping life of pet owners, customized cake shop provides targeted pet snack matching schemes according to different varieties, different periods and different physiological stages for each pet who encounters troubles.

Pet snacks are necessary to supplement the daily food for pets. The nutrition design and manufacture of pet snacks must be guided by the pet dietitian, who is specialized in pet nutrition and has a strict proportion of all kinds of nutrients

Functional customization of pet food and snacks has become the pet industry in China

An important content, with innovation and in-depth interpretation of the pet snack industry, leading the quality of pet food. Pet health, like product, must be the core.

It is worth mentioning that is different from the conventional pet food, custom pet food and snacks, adhering to the customization, natural ingredients, pet nutrition on the basis of three core values, so its products not only green, environmental protection, health, and with high palatability, all kinds of cats and dogs are safe to eat, and functional custom concept, full of human nature, in order to give customers more professional on service level support, moment effort for pet health.

Pet snacks have a promising future
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