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commercial coffee roaster

There are three types of commercial coffee roasters on the market:

Direct Fire Roaster

Half Hot Air Roaster

Hot Air Roaster

Commercial coffee bean roasters are also available on the market. Such as PROBAT, Diedrich, San Franciscan, Toper, Garanti, Has Garanti, Joper, Proater, Loris, Fuji-Royal and Bonmac. The three bean customers in Shanghai, China are also good.

Learning to bake beans will also be of great help to our coffee brewing technology. Today, Chongqing Bairuist Coffee West Point Bartending Training School will share some knowledge about baking machine.

Direct fire roasting commercial coffee roaster

The surface of the boiler of the direct fire roasting machine has a perforated design, the holes are of a certain size and spacing, and the fire underneath is directly transmitted to the furnace chamber. It has a high technical requirement for the baker and is very careful about the profit adjustment of the stage.

Commercial coffee roaster advantages:

Short preheating time: Compared with hot air and semi-hot air roasters, the direct fire roaster has a thinner wall, so the overall average warm-up time of the boiler is shorter.

The flavor of the manor bean can be uniquely characterized: the process of direct fire baking is directly transmitted to the raw beans through the fire, that is, the heating method in which the heat energy is gradually organized into the inner tissue by the outer tissue of the green bean. Therefore, direct fire baking is like cooking dumplings. It is necessary to bear a few waters. The purpose is to make the inside and outside of the dumplings evenly heated. Otherwise, the skin is cooked and the filling is not cooked. The same is true for direct fire baking. It can be adjusted to the characteristics of raw beans, adjust the vitality and the damper, and choose whether to be low-temperature baking or high-temperature baking according to the condition of raw beans. Low temperature baking is suitable for more raw bean input, while high temperature baking is suitable for less input.

Suitable for single bean or single bean coffee: Direct fire baking can express the flavor and aroma of coffee, and the effect is better than hot air or semi-hot air baking.

Commercial coffee roaster disadvantages:

The heat inside the boiler is not easy to adjust: because the boiler has a hole design as a whole, when the fire provides the first vitality at the bottom of the furnace, the heat will immediately dissipate from the other holes, resulting in insufficient heat. However, if the temperature is raised in order to compensate for the heat, when the profit exceeds the amount that the amount of raw beans can be tolerated, it will be scorched. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully adjust the amount of raw beans to adjust the heat, it will be very good. It is important to confirm the time when the "yellow dot" appears and the first burst time.

It is less easy to evenly bake: because the heat stays in the inside of the boiler for a short time, the direct fire baking is easily uneven. In this case, instead of adjusting the firepower, the damper (Damper) can be adjusted. When adjusting the damper, you also need to see if the weather is high or low. The low-pressure weather opens more than the opening of the high-pressure weather damper. Otherwise, the silver skin is not easy to discharge, so it produces more smoke. If the smoke is not completely discharged, the taste and aroma of the coffee will be Defeat, and there is a smoky smell of Smoky.

Externally susceptible to external influences: External environmental effects Direct fire baking includes: indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, air circulation, weather conditions, ventilation, etc.

Commercial coffee roaster semi-hot style baking

This is the most popular and best-controlled coffee roasting method. It can make up for the shortcomings of the direct-fired roaster and improve safety, as well as the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

Many people say: "As the seasons or the weather change, the results of baking will be slightly different." -- This sentence does not seem to apply to the semi-hot bake method. Because the semi-hot air roaster is not as susceptible to the external environment as a direct fire. Therefore, using good quality green beans, plus the same benchmark operation, the flavor and aroma of the baked beans will be exactly the same, and there will be no major problems in the quality control.


The temperature inside the boiler is easy to adjust: the firepower of the semi-hot air roaster is relatively stable, so it is not affected by the external environment. As long as the heat is adjusted, it is very simple to control the firepower required for each baking stage. However, after the bean bursts, it is different from the direct fire roaster. After a burst, the firepower should be concentrated inside the boiler. Even if the firepower is weakened, care should be taken not to let the temperature drop, so as to provide the expansion of raw beans. Be prepared for the energy. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the temperature in the furnace drops after a blast, and if the firepower is not enough, it is necessary to add 1 to 2 grids of firepower.

Stable supply of firepower to help the green beans to expand evenly: The semi-hot air type is characterized in that the inner and outer tissues of the raw beans are heated and balanced, and the firepower is stable. Thereby the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans are relatively stable. Compared with the beans baked by the direct-fired roaster, the same degree of roasting, the color of the beans that are blown out by the semi-hot air is lighter.

Baking for coffee: If you mix beans of different densities, the semi-heater is more stable because the heat is even more even. The semi-hot air provides heat to reach the center of the beans, so even if the density of raw beans is inconsistent, the heat source provided by the bean dryer can be completely absorbed by the green beans.

Single blending beans: (Blending After Roasting) individually baked and then blended

Mixed with beans: (Blending Before Roasting) first mix the beans and then bake.


Ample warm-up time is required: the semi-hot air-drying machine requires at least 30 minutes of warm-up compared to a direct fire. In case the preheating is insufficient, the baking of the beans will not spread evenly, causing the coffee beans to be inconsistent in color, not to mention the flavor and aroma stability of the coffee beans.

The initial fire setting is important: during the first endothermic reaction, the firepower is too strong compared to the amount of green beans, which will cause the first burst to occur earlier. If the endothermic reaction has begun, it is difficult to adjust the firepower. Therefore, the distance between the first explosion and the second explosion point is too close to be discernible. Most of the baked beans are mixed with grassy and raw bean flavors, which is caused by the fact that the beans are not cooked at all.

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