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Donut machine

Product Name:Donut Machine

Product Alias Shortbread Machine


Model E-M103

Voltage 220 (V)

Power 3 (kw)

Product use Donut machine

Dimensions 1020*528*1400(mm)

Net weight 40 (kg)


1. Donut Machine uses advanced mechanical man-made material to discharge, convenient, high output, low cost, and can make doughnuts of various shapes.
2. This one may have a variety of delicious flavors: Portidian donuts, French donuts, Ou Feixiang donuts, round balls.

3: stainless steel shell, cast aluminum model, with high conductivity, fast heating, more energy-saving, automatic temperature control function, special non-stick coating Teflon, easy to operate.
4: The high-conductivity cast iron plate is evenly distributed so that it can provide golden crispy doughnuts in 3-5 minutes.
5: The bottom plate around the movable drip tray will collect any excess batter for easy cleaning. Double-sided heating, more uniform and more heated, the product is evenly colored, the quality is better, 5 pieces are formed at one time, and the timing prompt function is more convenient and convenient.

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